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Working in real estate in my Savannah community is such a labor of love. I feel like I wear two hats. I can put on my all business hat when negotiating on behalf of clients, but I am also fun and vibrant. I should be one of 8 children, I was pretty much raised by hippies! I love a breath of fresh air, and I hope that I bring one to my clients every time we meet.

On Saturday mornings you’ll find me biking down to the Farmer’s Market, or enjoying the beach. I think that to properly serve the community’s real estate needs, it’s important to immerse myself in all that Savannah has to offer, lucky me! Whether it’s the exciting arts or culinary scenes, or the city’s rich history, I'm there. I truly love it here.

I grew up in Michigan. Having come to Savannah from out of state myself, I am an excellent guide for clients who are navigating big transitions or investing in second-home markets. I taught high school history at a Catholic school in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and also in Gainesville, Florida. My time in teaching helped me hone skills which are vital to my client’s success in real estate, such as my ability to empathize, keep priorities in check, and address every detail, all while maintaining my role as a steadfast guide. I’m a good listener, and I love connecting with people. I want the best for them, and I want them to be happy with their choice. Honesty and transparency are paramount. Working with both buyers and sellers, I specialize in investment properties as well as long and short term rentals. My experience in these areas has proven to be helpful to all of my clients, no matter their initial goals.

I live in the Parkside neighborhood in Savannah with my husband, Chris, and our sweet mixed breed dog named Ginger. Chris grew up in Savannah and he is the director of college counseling for Savannah Country Day School.

A handful of things I can't live without? My journal, books and podcasts, sunshine, friends and family, music, travel, and adventure! If I had a completely free day I'd work on planning my next trip, maybe from the beach.

Mary Beckmann

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